This website seeks to inform the residents of Hale Village and others about Parish Meetings, Committee Meetings and ongoing projects and events in Hale Village that the Council are involved with as well as serving as a database and reference resource for information on the Parish Council.


If there is information that you feel should be included on our website please let us know.

Public Attendance at Parish Council Meetings
Everyone is welcome to attend the Parish Council meetings.
If you have any special requirements please contact me prior to the meeting.
The next meeting is on 16 January at the Childe of Hale.
Public Forum starts at 7.15pm and the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting starts at 7.30pm
Tina Rogers-Smith



28th July - The asbestos removal is complete and demolition work has begun.  The roof has been removed and work on the walls is well advanced.



As you’ll all know from our leaflet, work has begun on the new Village Hall.

The leaflets were delivered by some of the Guildswomen and the Parish Council is extremely grateful for this most generous donation of time – not least because Royal Mail would have charged £500+ to do it.


If you have passed by this week, you may have thought it strangely quiet for a building site and you’d be right.  It is no surprise that a 42 year old prefab contains a lot of asbestos and, given the proven danger to health, it is also no surprise that it has to be safely removed before any demolition work can start.


The application process for asbestos removal is a complicated one and permission comes with a time limit.  In fact, if the legal delay had been any longer it would have had to start all over again.


A specialist contractor, who has to follow very strict guidelines, is doing this work.  There is no danger of contamination because the removed asbestos goes into a special trailer to be taken away for safe disposal.

For your safety, please pay heed to the warning signs posted at the front and back of the site.  They make it absolutely clear that no one may enter for any reason.


I know many of you will be keen to follow the progress of the work so updates will appear on our website, the Parish Council does not communicate via social media for obvious reasons, and will be signed by me in my capacity as Chairman of the Parish Council.


The updates won’t appear at regular intervals - only when there is something new to report.  As you’ll appreciate, there won’t be any visible signs of progress for quite some time but I’ll let you know when the asbestos removal is complete and the demolition work about to begin.


Alison Jones, Chairman, Hale Parish Council


Our website address is:

Hale Parish Council

Closure of the footpath at the Village Hall Site


It is with great regret that the Parish Council has to temporarily close this footpath


It will be closed from July 1st for the duration of the demolition and construction works in connection with the provision of a new Village Hall.


This action is necessary in the interests of your health and safety, as your protection is of paramount importance.


We deeply regret the inconvenience but cannot possibly compromise the health and safety of residents of the village.
Members of the Public attending the November Meeting to support The HGV Weight Limit campaign

HGV Traffic through the Village - update

The Parish Council, in response to residents' complaints, is continuing to press the case for a weight restriction to prevent HGV traffic using the village as a 'short cut'.
Whilst the initial application was turned down on November 14th 2014, principally because it was not supported by Cheshire Police,  the application will be considered again in the near future as both HBC and Cheshire Police are revaluating their positions.
It is absolutely vital that residents keep reporting sightings of vehicles passing through the village to HBC.  email is the best way to do this because there is, unlike with telephone calls, a record of the report.  Please use the link below to do this or, if you would prefer, send your report to the Clerk to the Parish Council, Tina Rogers Smith by email to  or by phone on 01925 710947 and she will pass it on.

Please use the link below to report incidents directly , please put FAO Stephen Rimmer.


After many years of dedicated service, Tony and Alice Collins have retired from the Hale Village Hall Management Committee. They will be sorely missed and the Parish Council would like to thank them for all that they have contributed to the village over those many years.

These retirements mean 2 things need to be addressed:

FIRST: Tony and Alice should no longer be contacted with any queries about the Village Hall. In the short term all enquiries about booking the hall should be made to the Clerk to the Parish Council - Tina Rogers-Smith on 01925 710947

Or, via e-mail, to

SECOND: The Management Committee URGENTLY requires new members. The commitment of time is not a large one – there are not many meetings in a year – and fresh input is vital in order to continue to provide a service to the residents of Hale and the surrounding area.

If you think you could help in any way, please contact.

Alison Jones

Chairman Hale Parish Council

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